The ROCC-O-METER® Criteria

The ROCC-O-METER® Criteria

In some of the review posts, you will find a quick comparison chart.  You will find a row called the ROCC-O-METER®.

The ROCC-O-METER® is a simple number rating system. The lower the number the better the product with 1= the Best Choice.

 What are the ROCC-O-METER® factors:

1) Effectiveness 

Does the product work as intended, or are you wasting your time?

2) Cost

Is the cost worth paying for the product?  How good is the material used and build quality? Is the product a one time use or can it be reused over and over?

3) Ease of Use

How easy is the product to set up and use?  What are the risks of using the product?  Can you get hurt setting it up or removing it. In the case of a mousetrap, will you snap your finger on it and how hard is it to remove a dead or live animal from it.

4) Humane

How humane is the produce?  Since animals are living creatures, does the product limit their suffering? A quick and effective kill will reduce suffering. We take that into consideration when determining how humane a trap is.

Use the ROCC-O-METER® score to quickly determine the best products in the chart.

1= Best

2= Good

3= Average

4= Poor