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Best Snap Traps for Rats

Rat snap traps are probably the most widely used traps to catch rats and have been so effective, that the design of the original snap trap has not changed in decades.

However, in recent years some new designs and beneficial features have been added to snap traps making them more effective and easier to use.

To help choose the best snap traps for rats, I have reviewed my favorite ones and included some additional tips on how to use them effectively.

Using Snap Traps For Rats

snap trap catching mouse
Rat Caught by a Snap Trap | Photo Credit Einar Storsul

The original snap trap design uses a wooden base with a spring-loaded wire and a metal trip pedal.

The bar is pulled back and held in place by a wire rod.

When triggered, the strong spring slams the bar shut and the metal bar breaks the neck of a rat, causing an instant death.

As a result, a snap trap is a very humane way of getting rid of rats.

However, if you prefer a no-kill option, read the review on the Best Live Rat Trap.

New Design Features For Rat Snap Traps

victor power kill snap trap
The Victor Power Kill Rat Trap has a larger trip pad and an easy lock-in-place setup, that allows you to move the trap without setting it off.

In the last several years snap trap designs have evolved to include larger trip pads, easier setup and release designs, better wash and reusable materials, and stronger kill bars.

With all these improvements, do these features add up to more success in getting rid of rats?

The answer is yes!

Probably one of the best improvements is the larger trip pad which will increase your chances of catching a rat in the trap.

Also adding a lock-in-place setup, lets you set the trap and move it into place much more easily than the original snap traps.

This decreases your chances of setting off the trap during placement making it safer to use.

However, original snap traps are still one of the best options to choose when deciding on which traps to use.

With a little practice, an original snap trap can be just as easy to use and the most cost-effective solution.

How To Use Snap Traps

  1. Inspect areas around your home for entry and exit points where rat activity occurs.
  2. Place several traps at entry and exit points.
  3. Check, empty, and re-bait traps frequently.
  4. When rat activity has stopped.  Remove traps and seal entry/exit points with steel wool and caulking.

For the best results using snap traps, please place them in areas of rat activity using a small amount of peanut butter fixed to the trigger.

Baiting Tip:  To minimize transferring your scent when setting snap traps, wear gloves and use a queue tip, toothpick or pop sickle stick to transfer the bait to the trigger.

Best Snap Traps For Rats Comparison Chart

Use the ROCC-O-METER® to quickly determine the best snap traps for rats.  It is a simple number rating system.  The lower the number the better the product with 1= Best, 2=Good, 3=Average, 4=Poor.  For more information on The ROCC-O-METER® Click Here.

ProductFeaturesMore InfoROCC-O-METER®Shop Now

Victor Power Kill Snap Trap For Rats

  • High Impact Kill Bar
  • One Click Set and Release
  • Large trip pedal
Victor DetailsScore=2
Made2catch  Snap Traps For Rats
  • Powerful Kill Bar
  • Unique Heavy Duty Metal Design
  • Large trip pedal
Made2catch DetailsScore=2

Victor M210 Metal Pedal Rat Trap

  • Original wooden snap trap with metal trip pedal
  • Proven Design
  • Lowest Cost
Victor DetailsScore=1
Bid Snap E Rat Trap
  • Powerful Kill
  • Great for Larger Rats
  • Reusable

Big Snap E Details

Set-Up Tip: It is always a good idea to set up at least 8 to 12 traps at a time for the best result in getting rid of rats as fast as possible.

Victor-Power Kill Rat Trap

The Victor-Power Kill Rat Trap has a powerful high-impact kill bar, which results in a quick humane kill.

It is made of hard durable plastic that can be easily washed and reused.

The trap has a very large trip pad which increases the chances of rats triggering the trap and is designed with a one-click set and release tab making it one the safest and easiest rat traps to use.

Victor is well known in the industry for making traps and provides a 1-year replacement warranty to back up their product.

The Victor-Power Kill Rat Trap is available in a 6 pack and the reviews on Amazon are very good for this product.

You can’t go wrong using these traps.

Made2catch Snap Trap For Rats

The Made2catch Snap Trap is similar to the Victor-Power Kill.  It also has a powerful kill bar to provide a quick humane kill.

This snap trap is made of a durable galvanized steel design that can be easily washed and reused.

They come in three color choices however I recommend the galvanized ones for the most durability.

The trap has a large trip-pad to increase its effectiveness and an easy setup.

You will still have to use care when placing the trap to avoid setting it off by accident.

Additionally, the trap saw tooth design helps keep larger rats from getting away.

Made2catch also offers an impressive no-questions-asked money-back guarantee and the product is available in a 4-pack at a reasonable price.

The reviews are excellent on Amazon for the Made2catch Snap Trap For Rats.

Victor Metal Pedal Rat Trap

The Victor Metal Pedal Rat Trap is my number “1” choice on the ROCC-O-METER® for snap bar traps due to affordability.

It has an original wooden base proven design making the trap very effective.

Its strong spring and kill bar give a powerful, quick, and humane kill.

It is made in the USA with wood from FSC® certified forests (Forest Stewardship Council-certified wood).

The wooden base is harder to keep clean for reuse, but overall the lower cost of these traps makes them the ideal throw-away trap.

It is a bit tricky to set these traps compared to the Victor Power Kill, however, once you set up a few it shouldn’t be a problem.  Be sure to wear gloves for protection.

The Victor Metal Pedal Rat Trap Trap is usually available in 1, 2, 4, and even a 12-pack for the greatest value.

Also, the reviews are very good for this product on Amazon.

These proven snap traps are always a good option for getting rid of rats and are my favorite choice because they are the most cost-effective trap.

Big Snap E Rat Trap

The Big Snap E Rat Trap is a powerful rat trap made in the USA.

This trap is designed for capturing rats and mice and is made of durable plastic, black in color, includes a few holes in the base to allow for nailing to a board, and has a large plastic pedal.

The trap is 11 X 9 X 3 inches and will provide a powerful and humane kill, even to large rats.

They are durable and can be reused with easy setup.

The Big Snap E Rat Trap is available in a 6-pack on Amazon and is a bit more costly than other traps.

Snap Traps for Mice Conclusion

Snap Traps are one of the most effective ways of getting rid of rats due to their ability to provide a quick kill making them a humane choice.

However, if you are still not ok with killing a living animal, read the post on live traps for rats for more options.

Keep in mind that having rats in your home can be a serious health issue.  So act fast with whatever method you choose.

To learn more about rats and how to get rid of them, read the post on The Best Ways to Get Rid of Rats in The Attic.

2 thoughts on “Best Snap Traps for Rats”

  1. Last night i set a trap. this morning the trap was gone. I assume that the snap trap caught part of the rat but was not fatal. The rate dragged the trap away.

    What now?

    • Hi Deane! I’m going to assume you were using traps in an attic. The trap is probably hidden in the insulation somewhere. Try using a flat surface as a base for the traps. A 1-foot by 3-foot piece of plywood should work. Screw the traps into the plywood to prevent the rats from dragging the trap away. Set three traps in a row on each piece of plywood. Try and set out at least 9 traps using this method. Another trick would be to use a string stapled to the trap and then tied to a 5-pound weight or to structure in the attic. Make sure you use heavy duty staples. As for the lost trap, get a bright flashlight and look for any clues such as blood stains to try an locate it. I hope this helps! Let me know how you make out!


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