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Best Live Mouse Trap

Treating other living animals with compassion is very important and live-catch mouse traps are considered the most humane traps for getting rid of mice in your home.  For that reason, it has led to hundreds of types of humane mouse traps available for sale.  To help you choose quickly, below are reviews of the best live mouse traps and tips on how to use them effectively.

Using Catch and Release Mouse Traps

Using a live catch mouse trap is simple. 

First, find the entry and exit locations for the mice.  Then, bait the traps with peanut butter to lure them in.  When they enter the mouse gets stuck in the trap alive. 

After catching the mice,  collect the traps and remove them from your property.

Sounds easy right?  Not so fast!

Before trapping animals you need to check your local trap and release laws.  If it’s not lawful or you don’t meet the guidelines for a good area to release them, this method may not be the right choice.

For more detailed information on live trapping and other methods, read the post on the Best Ways to Get Rid of Mice.

Why do mice die in humane traps?

Sometimes it is inconvenient to go into an attic every 12 hours to check traps, but in an attic, mice can suffocate from the heat and will die from dehydration without a water supply.  So be sure to check the traps often!

Another point to consider is when relocating mice away from their source of food and shelter, the chances of surviving diminish significantly.

With that said, let’s take a closer look at the best live catch mouse traps.

The Walk The Plank Bucket Mouse Trap

The Walk The Plank Mouse Trap design uses a balanced weighting and magnetic tension to automatically trigger and reset after each use. 

The trap is easy to use, just clip it to a 5-gallon bucket (bucket not included) and set up a ramp using a flat piece of wood or tree branch.

When the mouse crawls onto the end of the plank to retrieve the bait, it slides into the bucket and cannot get out. 

The trap is a very humane no-kill trap but also can be used in a kill situation.

For kill methods just fill the bucket with water 1/3 of the way and the mice will be drowned in the bucket.

It is reusable and easy to clean. This trap works very well and is perfect for getting rid of mice, small rats, chipmunks, and other small rodents.

The Walk The Plank Bucket Mouse Trap has great reviews on Amazon. 

The Original Rolling Log Mouse Trap

The Original Rolling Log Mouse Trap also gets attached to a 5-gallon bucket.

It’s easy to use, just set up two ramps to the side of the bucket and place some peanut butter in the middle of the log.

The mouse crawls out to the middle to eat the bait and then rolls into the bucket because the rolling element is lighter than the average mouse.

It can be used as a humane kill or no-kill trap and is reusable.  For kill methods just add some water to the bucket.

The Original Rolling Log Mouse Trap is made in China and has good reviews on Amazon.  It’s a slightly higher cost than the Walk The Plank and the bucket is not included.

Kensizer Small Animal Cage Trap

The Kensizer Small Animal Cage Trap is a traditional style humane live catch cage trap.  

It is made of a durable lightweight aluminum body and has a highly sensitive trigger mechanism. 

Once the trigger is touched, the door will be auto-locked immediately and keep the critters in it.

The trap is easy to use and will last for years.

You can get this trap in a medium and large size.

Due to its ease of use, quality builds, reasonable cost, and great reviews the Kensizer Small Animal Cage Trap is the perfect live catch mouse trap on Amazon. 

CaptSure Humane Smart Rodent Trap

The CaptSure Humane Smart Rodent Trap is a live catch-and-release cage trap made of durable ABS plastic material.

In 2024 the design included additional air holes to help keep animals from suffocating.

The trap is easy to set up and easy to clean. It has a no-touch design for releasing the mice as well. 

The CaptSure Humane Smart Rodent Trap comes in a “2” pack for a reasonable price and offers a lifetime warranty on Amazon.

Live Catch Mouse Trap Comparison Chart

Use the ROCC-O-METER® to quickly determine the best humane traps for mice.  It is a simple number rating system.  The lower the number the better the product with 1= Best, 2=Good, 3=Average, 4=Poor.  For more information on The ROCC-O-METER® Click Here.

ProductFeaturesMore InfoROCC-O-METER®Shop Now
Walk the Plank Bucket Mouse Trap
  • Multi-Catch
  • Easy Setup
  • Kill or No Kill
Walk The Plank Bucket DetailsScore=1
 The Original Rolling Log Mouse Trap
  • Multi-Catch
  • Easy Setup
  • Kill or No Kill
Rolling Log DetailsScore=2
Kensizer Small Animal Cage Trap
  • Easy setup
  • Single Catch
  • No Kill
Kensizer DetailsScore=1
CaptSure Humane Smart Rodent Trap
  • Easy Setup
  • Single Catch
  • No Kill

CaptSure Details


Best Live Traps for Mice Conclusion

Live catch traps are the most humane way of getting rid of mice in your home and when used properly, they can be very effective.

However, several important things to consider when using live traps are:

  • Is it lawful in your area?
  • A mouse may die if left in the trap to long.
  • Mice have a decreased chance of surviving when relocated.

If your local laws permit live catch and release methods and you have a good place to relocate the animals then humane traps are a great choice!

Otherwise, consider using other trapping techniques such as  Snap traps,  Electronic Mouse Traps or Glue Traps for Mice.

To learn more about mice and how to get rid of them, read the post on  What is the Best Way to Get Rid of Mice.

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